5 Ideas For Impressing Visitors To Your Office Using Technology

If you’re running an office and you want to step up your game and really start impressing the people who walk through the door, there are several things you can do in order to achieve this. Whether you’re trying to get more clients and customers, extra donors for a charity or you just want the satisfaction of knowing that visitors are envying your offices, here are some of the things you can concentrate on.


Have an impressive conference room

The board room is an essential part of many businesses – it is needed for large meetings, important conferences and regular and routine meetings held by the management team and other parties. If you’re hosting smaller meetings and conferences, they are likely to be in the main conference room, so kitting this area out with the latest electronic gadgets from Hifi Specialist can raise the bar.

Upgrade your larger room

If you have a very large room in your offices that you normally use for the larger conferences that are attended by many external visitors, you can really make an impression by upgrading this before the next event. Installing multi multi-room audio Brisbane systems, for example, meaning that people can hear the event going on and stay engaged no matter which room they are in is a great feature that is not only useful but highly impressive too.

Have great catering

If you host visitors to your office, order in lunch and add on some little extras to make it look like you have really gone the extra mile. It won’t cost you a lot of extra money, but it can make a huge difference and build a good impression that will encourage them to give you business, support and help when you need it. You can even use technology here to either allow them to order food from iPads and other gadgets, or depending on your business, you might want to have a conveyor belt type system that serves them their food.

Have displays with screens

Rather than having non-electronic displays made from paper, card and other materials, you can buy screens that change every few seconds and advertise your products, services or any other information you want to share with your visitors. You can have this on display only for people who enter the offices, or you can display them in the window and let people see straight away that you’re on top of the game when it comes to technology.

Upgrade all staff computers

This one is a very costly upgrade to make in your offices, but if you’re doing well on the finance side of things and the budget allows it, why not upgrade all the computers to the latest version of MacBook or other high-tech devices. Not only will your office automatically look sleeker and more modern, but also you’ll have faster-performing machines for everyone to work on.